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[Waterson] The Vanu Phalanx

Hello all!

I represent an outfit known as the Vanu Phalanx. On behalf of my leader, I'm here to try and inject some vitality back into the outfit.

The Vanu Phalanx is an outfit dedicated to the DEFENSE of territory under attack and bases we've just newly acquired.

Our official Write up:
__________________________________________________ _________________
Most outfits and the platoons they make up are focused on Attack! Attack! Attack!

I felt this created a need for a more defensive outfit that would focus on defending recently captured front line territory and repelling enemy incursions along the front line. This should reinforce and assist the aforementioned outfits/platoons/general zerg attacking forces and result in a more successful VANU!

The Four Piece System

The basis of how I want The Vanu Phalanx to work is a relatively simply 4 division system that should allow every kind of player to find a home in our operations. I've developed 4 division callsigns embodying their intended roles: Foothold, Shield, Spear, and Archer.

Division Explanations

Ground Based Infantry Operations

Wherever Foothold's Sunderer is deployed becomes the Vanu Phalanx STRONGHOLD. This is the base of operations for all Phalanx Activities and the primary defense location for Shield. Foothold creates a solid foundation by which to hold territory by providing front line spawning, repair service and extra firepower to Shield, along with general infantry presence. Foothold will also provide Spear with infantry reinforcement upon request.

Ideal Single Platoon Complement
[1x] Sunderer
[2x] MAX Suit

Infantry Presence[8]
[4x] Heavy Assault
[2x] Combat Medic
[2x] MAX Pilot

Shield Support[4]
[4x] Engineer

Mechanized Territory Domination

Shield is the wall of strength that holds Vanu Sovereignty front line through the defense of the Vanu Phalanx Stronghold. This is the outfit's armor division that will bear the full force of any enemy offensive. Main Battle Tanks supported by Light Tanks supported by Anti Aircraft Vehicles. Shield will be the last to arrive to a territory but its arrival will mean that territory will not fall easily.

Ideal Single Platoon Complement
[4x] Magrider
[8x] Lightning
- - - (2x Anti Tank)
- - - (6x Skyguard)

Tank Group 1[3]
[2x] Magrider Pilot
[1x] Anti-Tank Focused Lightning Driver

Tank Group 2[3]
[2x] Magrider Pilot
[1x] Anti-Tank Focused Lightning Driver

Skyguard 1[3]
[3x]Anti-Air Focused Lightning Driver

Skyguard 2[3]
[3x]Anti-Air Focused Lightning Driver

Airborne Infantry Operations

Rapid response to enemy incursions along the front line. Spear will be the first to arrive in a territory that is being attacked by enemy forces. Their job is to recon the situation and *** the attack in the bud if at all possible, otherwise call for reinforcements and hold the facilities primary defense points.

Ideal Single Platoon Complement
[1x] Galaxy
[1x] MAX Suit

Galaxy Crew[5]
[1x] Pilot (Engineer)
[4x] Dedicated Gunner
[2x]Combat Medic

Special Forces[7]
[2x] Heavy Assault
[2x] Light Assault
[1x] Infiltrator
[1x] Engineer (SL)
[1x] MAX Pilot

Air Superiority and Close Air Support

Archer's primary objective is to ensure the safety of Spear's Galaxy through Air Superiority, part of Archer will escort Spear's Galaxy at all times. Archer will also provide Close Air Support to all other divisions with Liberator gunships supported by Close Air Support capable Scythes.

Ideal Single Platoon Complement
[1x]-[2x] Liberator
[8x]-[10x] Scythe

Members: (All should be Engineers)
Galaxy Guard[2]
[2x] Anti Air Focused Scythe Pilot

Liberator Crew[2-4] (when necessary, 2 members of the Scythe Wing will pull a 2nd support Liberator)
[1x]Gunnery Specialist

Scythe Wing[6-8]
[3x] Air to Ground Focused Scythe Pilots (1 is support 2nd Lib Gunner)
[3x] Mixed Attack Scythe Pilot (Air and Ground)(1 is support 2nd Lib Pilot)
[2x] Air to Air Focused Scythe Pilot

The astute among you should have noticed by now that each of these divisions "Single Platoon Complement" will fit quite snugly within a single squad of a PS2 Platoon. This was indeed intentional!

The idea is that if we have everyone understand their role, communicate and coordinate, and stick to the plan, we should be quite a formidable defensive force! I would love to hear everyone else's input on my ideas! Please don't hesitate to comment!

__________________________________________________ _________________
If you are interested, please visit our website and register, I'll do my best to see you get an invite in-game asap.

Spear Division, Vanu Phalanx
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