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This sounds very intreguing and well thought out. Have you had a chance to put this strategy into play? How did it work out?

The strategy works well when you have a lot of people on and part of the outfit. Unfortunately the Phalanx is dead and in the process of being disbanded. Myself and a few others plan to make a "new" outfit with the same principals in the hope that we'll have more luck getting players. However, it is difficult because there are very few players that enjoy defense and would rather ghost cap and zerg for cap points.

If there was more incentive to defend, I'd guarantee that we'd of had a larger group of dedicated players.

Back to the question though, yes when all of the facets of the phalanx (Shield, Spear, Archer and Foothold) were present and communicating, we were able to hold many bases with relatively few people. I think it was mainly because when you joined up, you chose one of the facets to be part of. When part of that facet, you had 1 set of jobs to do and it was up to you and the others who were part of that facet with you to complete those tasks. We never had to many people in tanks and not enough infantry and the same for air. That way we had a force of people dedicated to one aspect of defense and one facet (Spear) reserved for assisting any of the other facets if need be.

I know, sounds confusing, but it worked... We just didn't have enough of a dedicated player base to keep it going...

Hope that answers your inquiry. When the new outfit is created I'll have another thread here ASAP.
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