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Re: Ideas for the "Rich get richer" problem

Originally Posted by Eyeklops View Post
How about an additional modifier to the base capture time? The more territory an empire owns, the faster it can be captured by an enemy empire. Also, make back hacks harder to re-secure if you own over a certain % of a continent.
This is similar to thoughts earlier in the thread (it's long so I don't blame you for skipping it), here's the direct link:

Originally Posted by Eyeklops View Post
Another idea is to provide different amounts of resources for capture vs hold based upon distance from the friendly foothold. As an empire captures control points closer and closer to an opposing empires foothold the resource gain from holding that control point, or the "dividend", becomes smaller and smaller, but the initial capture resource bonus is higher. Encourage an empire to capture as far out as they can go, but provide incentive for the zerg to seek another front line wanting a better capture bonus. This would give the suppressed empire(s) (probably TR and/or NC) time to retake some control points and recover personal resources.
The only issue I have with this is that if the dominant empire has another empire bottled up into their foothold and we want to encourage back-hacking by making it easier to take their territory then the territory the poor empire is taking is likely close to one of the other two footholds. If resources diminished by proximity to a foothold then this would reduce the effectiveness of the back-hack solution.

The capture bonus idea is also right in line with the thoughts from the post I linked above - very similar concept. I think it's on the right track.
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