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Originally Posted by GreyFlcn
Hot damn Hayoo, good news
Thanks, Flcn.

(still think base enhancements are a bad idea, but slick interface. Although the "close" for each base item should be on the item window itself ;P Too lazy to go all the way to the bottom right )
The main reason I included base enhancements to OHQ is because of the advantages that my other concepts gave to attackers (although I believe the enhancements could be very helpful to the current game). Base upgrades were not meant to be added into the game alone but in conjunction with several other ideas (urban outposts, territory, emplacements, etc).

The close button was originally on each little screen but some techincal issues cropped up and I needed it out pronto for my interviews. I'll go back eventually and fix that. Right now I'm busy with emplacements and finishing the other parts of the flash presentation.
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