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Re: Two Questions of "Day and Night"

Id hope they have hemispheres so its night on one side of the globe and day on the other. Also Id like to see it be in 8 hour increments just because if its day at 8am est (actual american time zone time not game time) time one day the next day itll be night in that part of the world at 8am est. Just because I work third shift and during the week do most of my gaming in the morning. I guess it wouldnt really matter though as long as half the globe is day and the other is night. That and 8 - 12 hours of real life time gives you plenty of time to conduct operations in whatever setting you prefer for the mission.

As in real life without proper nightvision it would be stupid to conduct any night time operation and i also believe that all vehicles should come equipped with IR or black and white thermal imaging, except for buggies and such like that.

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