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Re: Two Questions of "Day and Night"

Not only is there /time but also an alarm clock function! I only played with it once though and I don't think I got it to work. Eventually I just used a kitchen timer to set how long people had to get on a gal before take off.

If we're counting beta we've passed 25 years but if not we're at 24... and I'm still not BR40! Good observation.

There's been talk on the forum before about night time and how some people didn't want to have to stare through green tinted vision for half of their game time. There was also comments on how awesome controllable headlights would be. I'm in the second camp, the Ant has some great headlights that I've always wished that they worked.
Ooo! Flail rounds lighting up courtyards on impact turning night into day... ok, I'm drooling now.
By hook or by crook, we will.
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