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Re: Two Questions of "Day and Night"

Time for me to link my usual picture for these threads...

That is, ideally, how dark I'd like nights in Planetside to be (it looks better full-sized). Imagine being able to look up in that picture and see the silhouettes of galaxies floating across the sky, or the light show that pulsars and gauss rifles would create as NC and VS fought each other from opposite ends of the path...

There could be night vision "goggles" or scopes (scopes would be cooler in my opinion, as well as give people a reason not to use night vision 100% of the time at night), but they absolutely, positively mustn't be the green grainy crap from other shooters. Be it a thermal effect, darklight or something else, anything would be better than...well, the green effect used in the original poster's video.

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