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Re: Two Questions of "Day and Night"

I hadn't put much thought into the night fighting aspect of PS2, but this thread has opened my mind up to the possibilites. I am intrigued to be sure. The idea of being on a 23-hour (or 17-hr ?) clock for the length of a day in PS2 is a good one. Most players do tend to log in during the same time of day - the game should be offset slightly to expose players to every time of day/night in each environment.
I can see a dark night outside a base......Lightnings/Reavers/Libs spamming flares ?.....napalm ? Gameplay at night could be hella crazy - and FUN.

.....cloakers running around in the dark ...... how far will we be able to see them when they are running ? It might be raining plasma in the outdoors at night......

I want to experience seeing muzzle-flash at night and see if sniping off that creates a new way to have fun in the game. PS1 gameplay did get stale after months or years (depending on the individual). Night warfare and the rammifications of what equipment is best certed - and the corresponding strategies - sounds like it will help keep the game from becoming repetivie/boring/.....

HIGBY stressed;

.....mixing in night time play greatly magnifies the gameplay beyond everything else new that SOE indicates they will be bringing to PS2 - regarding certs/weapons/changes in gameplay/.....

Sounds damn cool.

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