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Re: Two Questions of "Day and Night"

Honestly you can do night without having it be so dark you need night vision to function. If all you are doin is turnin on night vision every time it goes dark then night time is a failure. You are just changin your day to crappy enhanced vision be it green or whatever.

Keep it moer like a full moon lit clear sky night. Which for those who have experienced it is actually pretty bright. Its still got taht cool dark atmosphere and still changes up gameplay with it being harder to see clearly, esp at distance. But for the most part you can function just fine with no need for night vision at all.

Maybe even during some weather systems or on certain conts its darker and may need a bit of light. Possibly a gun mounted flashlight? You could fake the light comin off other players flashlights with a light poly style effect to limit hardware strain, but your personal light would function like a real light. You can go lights out to hide a bit better at the cost of not being able to see as well. But again it would have to be much more limited, probably fairly rare compared to overall time, via where and/or how often it gets that dark. Havin it super dark every night or even a decent amount of time would just get annoying to many people and some would just not go to these places or not play at all.

And i'd prefer no night vision. if it was on a scope that limited your view when usin it ok, but not on goggles. Or you end up forced to just play with the night vision all the time. Then there's no point in having real night darkness if you are just gonna light it right back up. I'd rather have 24/7 days than to get nights where i just switch on night vision all the time.
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