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Re: Will everyone have access to some AV/anti-MAX weaponry?

Fun fact about max units currently in PS1, every max in the game has a faster TTK then the decimator (6 seconds), so for all the people who are complaining about the decimator being to powerful (or something like that), DIAF please.

Reduce all max units into 1 suit with interchangeable weapons, reduce price of max unit + weapons, reduce effectiveness vs. infantry with AA/AV weapons, remove armor healing from medical terminals, make AV/AP ammo do health damage to max units. Then add a GOOD infantry held counter for max units OR a max unit that won't suicide due to splash damage, yet can still kill several max units (think the original TR DC max).

There should be LESS max units, not more. There needs to be BETTER max counters, not worse. Currently the RPS concept for PS1 is broken (especially with the addition of extra BR). My biggest issue with max units is that it makes it nearly impossible to physically push enemy bases when you have less pop then said enemies, because all they have to do is just pull max unit after max unit after max unit, to drive you out of their base. I find max units dumb down teamwork rather then enhance it.

Worried about choke points that max units are needed for? Make bases and fighting areas less crowded and reduce the number of narrow hallways, encourage MA rifle usage. Easy solution is easy

As for the "super solider comments", reduce battle rank back to BR20, increase cert costs for various certs, easy solution is easy. Give players the option to solo still if they don't want to play with a group, but make them pay the price for those certs. Being able to self-repair/heal yourself without screaming like a little girl for a heal and still have some fighting ability was one of the things I enjoyed about PS1.

Back on topic, the lancer is the best AV in the game, the striker is the most useless AV in the game, and the phoenix is awesome indoors or in groups of 5 or more.

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