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Re: Planetside 2 Needs Prone

I find it rather funny how insubstantial most of the arguments for BOTH sides are. It's either "yes it should be" or "no it shouldn't" with little reasoning as to why. TRY HARDER PEOPLE!

Honestly, while I don't feel the "need" for prone in this game (haven't really felt the need for it since America's Army or Joint Operations) I don't see how it would detriment to gameplay all that much. I don't think it would be that one point that tips the game to static, camping, and given most of the interior environments I have seen in alpha footage so far, I'm not particularly worried about camping with prone, or in general. None of the horrid bottlenecks of old base interiors, or the convenient boxes and corners you could sit in with little concern, the open environments seem to encourage a wide open game style, and I've seen few places where you could have the control over your surroundings to truly, effectively camp, or at least not any that I couldn't see a max or a few grenades messing up properly. On top of that, the light assault jet packs makes me think that anyone who tries to camp will be unpleasantly surprised.

As for reason's why we need prone, I can't think of too many. Plenty of games have been successful without using it. On the other hand, I think that with sniping and possibly light machine guns, prone could be an interesting mechanic. It certainly wouldn't be for every class, but I think partial implementation could work.

There are some points I've seen that make sense: concerns with infiltrators is justifiable, though given the limited charge of cloak, it may be overblown. If I were a dev, I'd throw it into beta for testing if I had the chance, and if it doesn't work, just take it out. I don't think it's a good line of thinking to say "PS1 didn't need it, 2 shouldn't either" because if we kept using that logic, a lot of current features in the game would have to be taken out, right?
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