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Originally Posted by Envenom View Post
I find it comical how many of you old vets, who in other threads have been vehemently defending a hardline punishing PS experience where realism trumps all are not open to this.
Lets see how effective you are laying down and getting up in bulky armor.

If prone were put into the game, it would probably have to be limited to LA and infiltrators. LA would likely never use it, since their best defense is to get air born, not lay on the ground. Infiltrators would likely only use it for sniping, and they have a cloaking device so... why bother?

Modern military games like CoD include it because their body armor is very very light and flimsy in comparison to Bomb Squad style armor of HA and Riot Gear armor of LA.

In the field it's just not practical.

Realism still wins.

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