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Re: Planetside 2 Needs Prone

Originally Posted by LegioX View Post
Then what is the problem with not having prone put in? BFBC2 prime example. Cannot hide sufficiently behind cover b/c you cannot lie down. So all you can do is crouch and have your head possibly sticking out for someone to HS you.

Tell me. How does it not work in a certain game? Everybody has the same 2 arguments regardless of game on why they do not want prone.

1. Dolphin diving
2. Camping.

Devs can solve option 1 by putting in cool down timer or some type of fatigue to keep u from getting up and down really quickly.

We as players can solve option 2 by teamwork. Simple as that.
PS2's terrain and cover was designed with crouch only gameplay in mind. This will not be a problem. Crouch now fills the role prone did.

Notice, though, how in BFBC2 camping was not nearly as much a problem as it was in BF3, and its combat was much more fun because people were actually running around instead of sitting in one spot.
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