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Re: Planetside 2 Needs Prone

Originally Posted by LegioX View Post
Then what is the problem with not having prone put in? BFBC2 prime example. Cannot hide sufficiently behind cover b/c you cannot lie down. So all you can do is crouch and have your head possibly sticking out for someone to HS you.

Tell me. How does it not work in a certain game? Everybody has the same 2 arguments regardless of game on why they do not want prone.

1. Dolphin diving
2. Camping.

Devs can solve option 1 by putting in cool down timer or some type of fatigue to keep u from getting up and down really quickly.

We as players can solve option 2 by teamwork. Simple as that.
You're a coward if you just want prone to hide.

Don't see the camper argument working that well either honestly, it's more of an excuse. I just think the prone position would be all but useless and unrealistic in Planetside.

As I said before, LA wouldn't use it because their best defense is to go airborne and infiltrators wouldn't use it because they can freaking turn invisible. HA most likely couldn't use it because of their bulky as hell armor. But what am I saying? It's a game so we should dispense with realism. Ok so now you have HA trying to fire chain guns and other close quarters weapons while laying flat on their stomaches in a base.

Those of us who have played PS1 know that to be immobile is to die. A lot. Poor TR MAXes...

The OP said that PS needs prone. Most of us agree that PS does not need it.

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