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Re: So every HA can be an aircraft counter?

Originally Posted by Klockan View Post
I didn't understand what you were ranting about, is it too easy to get away from lock ons making aircraft too powerful or is it too hard making HA too powerful?
My problem is that the possiblity of taking down a vehicle being reduced to "Lock, fire, kill, repeat" most of the time(you still have the option of dumbfire) which is just plain stupid and not fun.

Originally Posted by haticK View Post
We can't really answer that considering most of us haven't played the game yet
I said discuss, not answer a question. Hehe.

Also, to the flair argument:

Originally Posted by Kran De Loy View Post
Also since vehicles will have limited ammo for their weapons and Higby was talking about limiting the number of Flares an aircraft can carry instead of just putting them on a cooldown
I doubt you would have enough flairs to avoid every missile. Unless missiles aren't an instant kill to aircrafts.(It took 3-4 AT shots to take out a vanguard according to the video)
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