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Re: So every HA can be an aircraft counter?

Originally Posted by ThermalReaper View Post
My problem is that the possiblity of taking down a vehicle being reduced to "Lock, fire, kill, repeat" most of the time(you still have the option of dumbfire) which is just plain stupid and not fun.
But there are other weapons as well. Also to fire lock on missiles you need to be skilled. Not by aiming correctly but by locking and firing at the correct times so the missile don't hit a building or a rock, otherwise you will just be wasting missiles kinda like those shooting at TB did. Also I think that those missiles were anti tank missiles so their lock shouldn't be that good vs air.

Originally Posted by infinite loop View Post
TBH I'm not sure what a better counter to aircraft would be, w/o the lockon weaponry nothing would stand a chance against them.
What? Just have AA machineguns that rip them to shreds, we already got them on all basic tanks. Infantry with flak works as well.

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