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Re: So every HA can be an aircraft counter?

I'm all for lock on items if the missiles can be countered not only by flares but also by evasive maneuvers.

Before BF3 was released (Beta= The only good fun I had with that game) someone released codes to the caspian border servers. The lock on missiles had physics... I could pull a sharp 170 degree turn and watch the missile fly by me. That was fine. Stuff like that separates the good pilots from the bad zerglings. But now the missiles can apparently stop and turn on a dime in order to hit your jet, and that is anti fun.

Another problem is the fact that in BF3, there are only 2 jets on your team in a potentially 64 man server. Which means everyone on the ground wants you dead. In PS2 I hope this is remedied by the fact that air cav seems to be on par with footzerg a lot of the time, and at other times said footzerg is occupied with the enemyfootzerg.

TL;DR Insta win lock on missiles suck. Dodgeable missiles are fine.
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