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Re: My thoughs on ZOE

Originally Posted by DredVS View Post

This statement pretty much proves this.

90% the speed of a soldier sprinting, and can still fire. My bad :P

The point is the ZOE can still keep up with you while firing and the thing is too bloody maneuverable for the sheer amount of damage it can pump out.

A smart ZOE can pretty much run in, do an extraordinary amount of damage to players, and run out, placing themselves at a risk that a TR or NC MAX simply cannot do without getting isolated and killed, and still get away.

They can do more damage, more quickly, and can put themselves in more risky situations than just about anything in the game and it really isn't that difficult to do.

The fact that they can just leave the thing on forever and turn it off and on as they please is just retarded. Some sort of wind up or wind down? energy bar? something? Anything?

NC have a shield they can't fire through at all which takes a split second to raise and lower. TR have an entire lock down animation with screen shake, AND they can't move during or after, AND they can't fire while the animation is playing.

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