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Re: My thoughs on ZOE

Originally Posted by Stanis View Post
Positive feedback.
Force already winning .. flip ZOE on, win more.
Not as synegistic for the other empires as cant fire through a shield or move with lockdown.

However - as an outfit we don't much like ZOE.
In an organised unit we find the active ability too much of a liability.
The only max I consider using them on is a burster max - and playing against some skilled pilots I'd rather not light up my location like a christmas tree so use it selectively.

Anybody that runs into a max as solo infantry is probably dead meat.
The fact that if you chose to run the ZOE max can run after you ..
scales poorly.

If I run into a room of enemy with a solo MAX ZOE on - I expect to die in exchange for killing 1, maybe 2. Assuming I make it through the doorway.
That's a fair trade I think any empires max is able to make in the face of teamwork.
Definently less situational than either the Aegis or Lockdown, which is probably one of the main gripes people have with it.
That all MAXes are very effective killing machines is a very good point to keep in mind. The ZOE doesn't make the VS MAX miles ahead of the NC/TR, but it does make it better at everything that matters for a MAX. IMO.

I can understand why you wouldn't. You can quickly turn the ZOE against its user, although I find it much harder to do in enclosed spaces where the maneuverability makes it quite a bit more difficult to hit it and not your team mates. Personally I enjoy taking on ZOEs from a higher position, by baiting or by flanking them with C4, which isn't really different from how you would tackle other MAXes. Not to mention the damage AV nades do to them.

Aye. 1 on 1 up close (Or within the MAX's effective range) it probably won't matter much, chances are that if you're going up against a good MAX alone then you're going to die.

Where I see the ZOE really shining is when being used more as an assassination tool, if that makes any sense, and not frontal assault.
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