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Re: Update Notes 06/26 Continent Locking and Hossin

Originally Posted by NewSith View Post
NC weapons are EZ mode. The only way to kill somebody between close and long range is to spray and pray. That's easy from one point of view.

EDIT: It's to make a point range where VS suck the most imo.
Nah NC are definitely hard mode, and its easy to see why. They made each factions guns have a trait, the NC hit hard the TR shoot fast the VS are accurate.

HOWEVER theres a major flaw here... to make it balanced they made it so all the factions guns do about the same damage (by this I mean comparing equivalent guns), as obviously it would be imbalanced as hell if a NC player who hit every shot was doing more damage than a VS player who hit every shot, there'd be no incentive to do anything but perfect your aim as the NC.

What does that do to the balance though? screws it even more! how you may ask? well I'll explain. The TR and NC guns traits are damage based, the increase the damage they deal through shooting more bullets or each bullet hitting harder, as such the TR and NC guns SHOULD be killing faster than any VS gun if every shot hits, but as I said, they don't. So what does that leave us with? a trait which is irrelevant.

What about the VS though I hear you ask, they have a trait too, accuracy, is that also irrelevant? Well no, because their trait is accuracy, and for balance the guns will kill in more or less the same time if every shot hits, of course the TR and NC guns don't hit near as much as the VS guns do as the VS guns are tailor made for hitting more often.

The result? VS guns are by far the most powerful and easy to use, if you p practice as a NC/TR you will eventually learn to compensate for the recoil and hit as much as a VS does but you need to spend much more time learning the guns to get on a level playing field.

So in conclusion, yes pro players will be killing each other in about the same time because the pro NC/TR players have finally learnt to compensate, the pro VS players however never had to learn this so they've been fighting at the effectiveness of a NC/TR pro for much longer and theres much more of them fighting at this level.

So yes the NC are hard mode, they require much more time to learn there guns, it is "harder" to reach a high level of accuracy. The VS guns having little recoil and bullet drop are "easier" to reach a high level of accuracy.

And I wont go into the scythe being thin as paper, magrider side stepping rockets while bypassing gate shields by afterburnering over cliffs and the MAX which has a similar TTK as the NC MAX at close range but has about 5x the range.
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