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Originally Posted by Gonefshn View Post
The reason devs were opposed to such things in the beginning was they wanted every single bit of gameplay to be player driven. As the beta has gone on they are slowly changing their attitude. The idea initially was a spitfire was not good because no one actually controlled it and aimed the shots.

Demand will make this available soon there is no doubt.
That's a load of bull. The Devs removed these things because they are being cheap with their bandwidth, the same way Blizzard went cheap with their bandwidth with Diablo 3. Anyone notice how there's no necro class in Diablo 3?

No necro = less bandwidth (cheap Blizzard)

No spitfires, no mines = less bandwidth (cheap Sony)

In the era of WOW, deployables, pet classes, etc have been steadily reduced in number for the last 10+ years until now you can only have one permanent pet out. That's because they are being cheap with their bandwidth, which makes no sense cause I'm using more bandwidth watching a youtube video than 100 players in a FPS game.
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