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It is the job of both sides to make sure they are not neglecting any one particular phase of the game. The last two events have featured outfits known for having great air squadrons. The teams they have faced were ill prepared and paid the price for it. Can't expect to win the ground game when you completely leave the air uncontested.
From a purely competitive point of view I agree that this is how it should be but lets face it no-one wants every CC match half to be 5 minutes of almost impossible to follow air battles followed by 40 minutes of Dalton liberators flying around totally dominating all the ground action which has pretty much been the case in the last 2 matches. It's just not entertaining for the viewers or I imagine the participants.

The only metagame reaction I can possibly imagine that might counter good Liberator pilots would be mass HA A2A missiles but even that has serious flaws in a map like Nexus with such incredible terrain for air to escape into.

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