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Originally Posted by Locke View Post

I honestly think it would be worth having a set lane or lanes the outfits have to follow depending on how many people are active on Nexus. At present the action is to spread out that the viewing experience is not consistent enough and a lot of times you have the entire ground forces of each team just sat at different bases ghost capping rather than fighting each other. They need to be forced into fighting each other sooner and more often over the match to make it entertaining. This would also help with the commentating by making it easier for them to be at the right place at the right time.
This is actually because the rules give you points for caps as opposed to how it was before where you had "clash points" (which is in my opinion - a better system. Also, the rules don't imply that continent domination is an instant victory). In my honest opinion - having only one point when it all matters (round ending, 50%+ hexes controled = round won) would be waaaay better... but we have MLG for that.

I also think it might be worth looking at aircraft number caps depending on how the next few events work out. The last two CC have been so totally dominated by one side owning the air that it's been pretty boring to watch the base battles because there is no really effective g2a counter for liberators against players at this skill level on this sort of terrain. It also removes interesting things like Galaxy drops as effective air teams just totally shut them down before they even leave the warp gate.

Long term it would be good to see a real time map of whats going on but thats down to SOE.
My favorite thing to say in regards to this is:
That's what happens when you mix a bomber, a helicopter, a gunship and a VTOL Aircraft.
Aye and also when turrets can be shot down with minimal amount of effort, while repairing them takes forever.
And when AA missiles exist solely as a form of entertainment, rather than a part of an actual AA vs Air game (look at any BF series with AA missiles and tell me they are OP, while it takes only 2 missiles to take down almost every air unit, please).

These community clashes can give a better look as to what's really imbalanced in the game. And this is why I am still awaiting a CC of some semi-pro or casual-pro teams, to see to what extent certain game mechanics can be abused...

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