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Re: Consolidated Community Clash Feedback Thread

This is just something I have been forgetting to post.

In the future when Deaths are discussed and what is killing please reference the kill-feed or simply the weapon type and not the specific weapon.

NNG+TGWW match not a single Zephyr was used yet that was stated the entire match as well as a few miss-called kills.

i.e. Liberator dieing to terrain collision was called as a "C4-Kill"

This is trivial things but seeing as how all the public stories of the match reference this idea of "zephyr" use stated by the commentators we can see how quickly this misinformation spreads.

Also are is character data stored and saved in the same fashion as the live servers? I think some cool usage breakdowns from the match's to see what items are used the most and performed the best may be interesting.
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