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Re: Consolidated Community Clash Feedback Thread

You guys really need to focus on immersion, current format isn't working because being that far away from a player's perspective is boring. I know it's going to be hard as long as you don't have a first person observer cam (you should definitely try to lobby for it hamma), but there are several things you can change already:
A lot less commentating and a lot more VOIP broadcasting, this really is the first thing if you want to get the players immersed. Of course starcraft broadcasters need to talk constantly in order to fill the blanks, but you really shouldn't have to on PS2. This would give your casters time to think, to specifically listen to the SLs/PL and to spend more time studying the grand scheme of things when it is necessary, they would also miss a lot less action. All this talking is completely counter-productive: commentators currently spend a lot more time describing what's going on on the screen (we have eyes goddamnit) than providing new information (I'm not blaming them really, they currently need to fill these blanks, the format is the issue). 38:00 to 39:40 could have been freaking epic if the actual gameplay wasn't treated as backgroubd.

I think the lack of immersion is also one of the source of the general air-frustration: third person air is even more boring to watch than third person infantry. Air battles are actually one of the most thrilling thing about PS2 but you don't do them justice: Hearing dalton shots whistling around you, getting tailed and being saved by your teammates. "-Watch your back Luke, watch your back! Enemy fighter coming in. -Red six can you see red five? Red five where are you? -I can't shake him! ...Bastard. Biggs where are you?!" PS2 air VOIP is awesome, it almost sounds like Star Wars sometimes, but watching aircrafts pewpewing at each other from 100m away completely sucks.

For now, you really need to try and stick to actual gameplay as much as possible (coms+as many streams as the outfits can provide). Only switch to observer cam/commentators when needed and when there's something interesting to say from a tactical point of view (not that often really), a "tactical map" feature would be great for this by the way.
Don't get me wrong, I think your dedication and your work are amazing, you couldn't possibly do better with your current format. The only thing wrong is the overall approach.

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