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From my experiance on raids in everquest, where the virtual lives of 40 people might depend on 1 person, people in guilds are usally responsiable.

What that translates into in PS:

Your outfit will likely have people playing the roles you want. If you group with people from your outfit you will be grouping with people you know have the skills to do XXX and dont have the skills to do XXX, so your not gonna put johny the sniper in the gunners possition in your reaver, no make him stay in the APC till your in hostile land, then Johny can get out and do what he does best. In your Reaver you will have your good budy Chuck the Gunner, who loves gunning for reavers and galaxys. He plays 40 hours a week and all he does is gun, with reavers or galaxys. He's so good at it its sick, and hes on your side.

You get what im saying of course, it will be like a well organized raid, you will have each person in the role they are good at, and of course you might get Joe Blow the crappy Gunner if you /shout Lookin for a Gunner, but if your part of a Outfit, you will likely be with them.
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