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Alright you techies

Here's a problem for you:

When I use teamspeak, my push to talk button is one of the buttons on the side of my mouse (Logitech MX500 mouse.) Now, normally this isn't a problem. However, if I am talking on teamspeak AS WELL AS surfing the internet (using IE 6), every time I press push to talk, my browser goes back. (As in.. back one webpage.. the back button..)

How can I make it so that when I push the button the browser doesn't go back? It gets really annoying.

I tried installing the mouse software and changing the mouse assignment key, but then I uninstalled the mouse software because its useless and takes up memory that I don't want wasted. But, when I installed it, the settings went back to normal and it still makes the browser go back.

Any ideas? Is it a registry key that binds the mouse button to the back option?

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