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Re: Confirmed: 9 Sanctuaries at launch.

Originally Posted by acosmo View Post
tl;dr 9 sancs vs 3 sancs.
Tell me if I'm completely wrong here but...essentially if a "shard/server/realm" has 3 continents, and if there's little motivation to assault through warpgates, then each continent would almost behave as if it were a subserver of its parent server?

Originally Posted by Ait'al View Post
The only thing I hope doesn't exist is the lattice. I hated the lattice. Took all the strategy out of the game. Made the game only for dults. Once you do that there is no returning until you return the environtment. I want smart play...

Maybe they will put in sanc battles. 8) did they say the how the 9 things will function? How much is being assumed?

There is no point in a vote if there is no specifics on how it will function. It kind of matters. 8p
If what you mean is, you want the freedom to attack any backbase/behind the lines base, I'm with you.
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