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Re: Confirmed: 9 Sanctuaries at launch.

I was thinking that, OK, each empire has a foothold on each continent. OK, no problem. But, each empire could have a "home continent" which means that on its home continent, its foothold is more powerful than its foothold on the other 2 continents. As of right now, I'm not sure how the "home" foothold could be more powerful...

But, assuming a proper way of having a "home" foothold is found, consider this: You have an advantage on your home continent, obviously, by virtue of a more powerful foothold. But on the other two continents, you might need to coordinate troop movements both out of the foothold and through the warpgates in order to have a big enough assault going to make any progress.

In other words, once you secure your home continent, and have some troops dedicated to keeping the enemy backed up into their footholds on your home continent(and since the enemy footholds will by definition be weaker ones, this should be possible), you can think about shifting the focus to another continent by fighting from the foothold on that continent and coordinating assaults through the warpgates. In fact, you could choose to totally ignore one continent completely and focus on two - defending your home continent, and focusing on conquering only one of the other two.

You could even, perhaps do this strategy: dedicate most of your forces to capturing the other two continents, and leave a skeleton crew on your home continent. Their job could be to run around doing ghost hacks or the equivalent to stir up their attention on your home continent, and then fall back to the home foothold, while the bulk of your forces attack the other two continents. Hard to say exactly how you'd run this strategy at the moment or if it would even work.

Note: I used the term "home continent" but it's more like "area of greater influence". The fact remains that you have a foothold on all continents.

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