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Originally Posted by Pepsi View Post
Under the engineer, what in the world is a Mobile Armament Supply Terminal? Is it just an ammo dispenser, and if so, isn't that made a bit useless by the LA's ammo pack? or does the MAST refill things that the ammo pack can't replenish?
Well on the day 3 E3 cast they were talking about how they may or may not keep the ammo pack on the LA. Both sides have its merits so we were discussing it in the chat. Some of us though having it on the engy had its perks and we were glad to see the MAST in the ACE. How it works exactly we don't know.

Guess this is one of the things that beta testing can resolve.

Originally Posted by Roy Awesome View Post
Ahahaha, 'Mana turret'.

This one is for you. MANA TURRET

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