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Originally Posted by Pella View Post
That yes. But if your mobo fried after you installed it, Other firms would make some of excuse or tell you to contact the manufacture.

OCUK you just send you gear back no hassle and they will ship a replacement.
Which firms? Also there's plenty of horror stories about OCUK.

It also just occurred to me, that if my mobo fried after I installed it, I could buy a new one out of pocket and still have it work out cheaper than buying the whole lot from OCUK. In fact, the same thing applies to all but the CPU and GPU. I could even receive broken ram, a broken optical drive and the CPU cooler sans fans, and replacing them all would still be cheaper than if I'd gotten my rig from OCUK.

I'm not saying they're terrible, but a £100 premium is a lot to ask for a slightly higher chance of a good returns experience on the off-chance that you get particularly unlucky.
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