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Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Dedicated driver cert for MBT

I know that the developers of PS2 were playing with the idea of unlocking the main gun to the gunner with a cert, however to both reinforce the notion of having this option and to see how the community thinks about the details, I will write up my suggestion on the topic.

First of all, I belive that a cert that allows us to play as dedicated driver should be included in the game, preferably already at beta. It really is the best option to please the widest range of players.


- Do not reduce any of the vehicle's stats when the cert is selected

- If selected, the tank turns into a 3 man vehicle.

- If only one gunner is present, he/she should be able to select which gun to fire. In this case both guns would follow the mouse cursor, but only one could be fired at a time (similar to how vanguards work in PS1). This option is not a big boost since we can already hot-swap seats instantly, more of a convinience.

- Make the "dedicated driver" cert avaiable without having to put any points into the MBT tree. This should be an option which lets you select a playstyle, not a reward along the road.

- To make it work with the Magrider, change the model a little, so it has a rotatable turret. This turret would be in a fixed forward position, if the "dedicated gunner" cert is not selected, but would function as a normal turret otherwise.

Here is an illustration about how it would look like:
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