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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Well, I'm' pretty sure that they can take away the driver seat hotswap if someone wanted to be a dedicated driver. I rather like the idea of dedicated drivers because, well, to be honest, I haven't seen a shortage of vanguard, prowler, or even buggy drivers in PS1 these days haha. Now, before anyone says "Most of them are playing with friends", come on, do you really think that is going to stop some people from playing dedicated drivers in pick up squads? :P So long as the driver gets assist exp for driving, then I don't see a problem

And the Magrider already has ungodly maneuverability for a tank. I don't see why the left-right strafe can't support a designated driver and designated gunner, we have already seen it in PS1 working and I think the Magrider was a beautiful tank to gun for. Give them a third gunner or the ability to switch between chaingun/flak and the main cannon like the Vanguard and I just can't see the problem. They are a really squishy tank compared to the other two Empire's MBT's which is why they have that maneuverability.

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