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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Originally Posted by AzureWatcher View Post
Wouldn't work. The magrider can already strafe left-right, which is why the cannon is fixed. This will give the magrider ungodly maneuverability.

People will still abuse the system by going in alone with a certed MBT and switch between the cannon and driver when he wants to fire/shoot. He'd also gain benefits of the buffs you mention as well.

I can forsee a lot of these guys parked on a hill or plateau and acting as artillery for l33t KDR.
The cannon is fixed because you can not implement controls on a PC where one man can turn, strafe and rotate the turret all at once. With the other tanks the strafe button is used for turning, but in case of the magrider it actually strafes like an infantry.

I do not see how this would increase their use as artillery platforms. We can already do that with the PS2 system.

Originally Posted by Ratstomper View Post
A thought: Why not just give the main gun a little more wiggle room than it has now? Something that an independent gunner can aim, but has to shoot in the general direction the tank is facing?
Would not be much fun for the gunner, and it would take away the general purpose of this suggestion. At the price of needing a gunner to use any of the guns, a 360° turret should not be too steep.
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