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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Originally Posted by Eggy View Post
1/. There is a dedicated driver cert. Its up the tree, earnt through play and not given as a default.
In my suggestion it is a default because it is not an upgrade to the MBT, it does not give you a plus, it is more like a choice in playstyle.

Originally Posted by Eggy View Post
2/. Not sure about the need for connected guns. It just seems work where it isnt needed. We can allready hot swap. The delay here, would just need to be added to make it not OP so we dont gain much.
The default MBT can shoot both guns at the same time with two players. The "dedicated driver" MBT can only shoot one with two players. Allowing the gunner to chose which to shoot without having to swap seats is not much of a bonus, defenetly not OP.

Originally Posted by Eggy View Post
3/. If the cert is taken. The driver looses the abilty to hot swap to the other seat but gains some small peformance boost to speed, torque etc.
Agreed on no hot swap. Don't think it needs any boost though.

Originally Posted by Eggy View Post
4/. The mag needs something more. Would making the big turret only have 270 degree arc when a dedicated driver is in work? So 1 of the guns wont be abel to shoot direclty behind the tank but, the tank is more manouverable than the others due to straffe. And it retains the forward firing gun if the cert isnt taken.
I disagree. The balance between MBTs should not be set like this.
360° gun won't make it OP if you consider that the vehicle loses half it's firepower by selecting this option, or requires an additional player to operate on the same level as the normal MBT.

Originally Posted by Eggy View Post
Can the PS2-Mag shoot up and down? or is it literaly a static forward only gun?
It can. Saw a video of one taking down a Mosquito in one hit.

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