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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Originally Posted by Figment View Post
Manpower is THE most limited and scarce resource on Auraxis. Wasting it like you are all suggesting with this setup makes the option completely uninteresting as it is completely underpowered.
So you're saying the OP is giving people the option of an underpowered setup, and even though many people like it, that's a problem? That's kind of silly. Like saying that a great sniper who's a bad pilot should never fly because he's depriving the team of a talented sniper. That Infil may still want to fly sometimes, even if his team would be better served by his rifle.

And I really don't think this would give the Magrider any advantage. The Magrider can already maneuver and fire at a target while keeping it's strongest armor pointed at the enemy. If you give the gunner a 360° turret for the main gun, it's still better for the Magrider to face in the direction of the enemy anyway. If anything, this would give the Prowler and Vanguard an advantage, since it will allow the driver to maneuver effectively while the gunner fires, instead of being forced to aim the main gun while trying to maneuver around terrain.

Hell, the VS in me almost wants to be against this awesome change just because it will level the playing field so much where the Magrider had a mobility advantage.
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