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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Originally Posted by Accuser View Post
So you're saying the OP is giving people the option of an underpowered setup, and even though many people like it, that's a problem? That's kind of silly.
The OP is not giving an option, he's giving the idea of an option that people who want something that is similar to it cling to in the hopes of at least having it.

But considering it's a downright bad execution of what people actually want but don't expect out of SOE anymore because SOE's design philosophy pretty much precluded it, it's not worth it no.

Like saying that a great sniper who's a bad pilot should never fly because he's depriving the team of a talented sniper. That Infil may still want to fly sometimes, even if his team would be better served by his rifle.
Way to miss the mark, marksman. It's more like saying a sniper should be satisfied with a range extender of 10% on a regular rifle and then half the firepower and then saying "See! We got you a sniper rifle!".

Oh and please don't call infils snipers. It pains me enough that these two completely opposite roles (melee distance and long distance) have been put in the same suit.

And I really don't think this would give the Magrider any advantage. The Magrider can already maneuver and fire at a target while keeping it's strongest armor pointed at the enemy.
As long as it isn't flanked.

If you give the gunner a 360° turret for the main gun, it's still better for the Magrider to face in the direction of the enemy anyway.
Sure. Keep that enemy in front of you. Shame they outnumber you so you can't face all tanks at once and you can't make use of your speed if you're being circled and have to keep your front oriented at the enemy that's circling you (while eventually exposing side and rear to your other opponent that's still "in front").

Hooray for two one man tanks completely outmaneuvring a teamvehicle with fixed forward gun.

If anything, this would give the Prowler and Vanguard an advantage, since it will allow the driver to maneuver effectively while the gunner fires, instead of being forced to aim the main gun while trying to maneuver around terrain.
If you think of one on one situations, yes. In the bigger picture, you cut away a quarter to a third of the enemy units by combining them into one with the same hitpoints as one standard unit.

So that advantage isn't really a big advantage and pretty moot as long as the whole vehicle isn't balanced for three crew members instead of one or two.

Hell, the VS in me almost wants to be against this awesome change just because it will level the playing field so much where the Magrider had a mobility advantage.
Magrider has a mobility disadvantage due to having a fixed gun and a mobility advantage due to being able to strafe (and if we ever get water again, float over water). On the whole, they're weaker in mobility than the Prowler as it makes them more rail-turreting, semi stationary platforms than fast moving tanks that require tanks to stay far ahead of them so they can snipe them without them getting to their side or rear (at which point they're at the mercy of other tanks).

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