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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Originally Posted by Figment View Post
Fod, can't believe you think after so many posts I'd be pro-solo. I'm simply saying that this solution makes you - as a squad with limited manpower - make a comparison between pro's and cons of the available options.

Under the circumstances of this compromise, within the context of being able to solo the exact same unit (hitpoints etc) nobody would waste their manpower on this option. The advantage must be more distinct and require full manning to obtain.

Players optimise their choices and tend to secure choices: independency from others (nobody that can fail you but you). Thus, to get them to work together there has to be an advantage that is at the very least equal to other options players can have to optimise their fighting strength as a group. If not better.

So if you want to have two in one vehicle, it must rival all options for two separate units, not just best one separate unit.

ahh now i think i understand - its been confusing with all the huge posts different people post it makes it hard to exactly follow whats going on, its probably nobodys else fault but my own but oh well (also i think i was starting to get different people confused)

so you believe (something like this anyways) that there should be more of an advantage to putting more people into tanks? im not sure i would agree with that but why dont we try and get the ability first then we can sort out afterwards how it should be balanced?

personally i think it will be an outfit/friend/choice/personal preference thing and they wont really care if 2 tanks are better than 1 with more people because they just want to team up with outfit/friends
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