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Re: New Vehicle idea: Truck with anti-air on the back

Originally Posted by Brogan View Post
So were you thinking of something like this?

It's an experimental soviet tank destroyer designated the Zis-41. I like the idea of a half track because 1) good off-road handling, and 2) it just looks cool.

For planetside 2, I'd probably name it like so:

Nanite Systems M303 Conquerer Half track

The Conquerer is a NS manufactured utility vehicle whose versatility on the battlefield is only matched by its usefulness. It has numerous variants, ranging from open topped APC, Anti-Aircraft platform, Tank Destroyer, mobile command center, electronic warfare, and even mobile field hospital.
Ok i like where you are going with this. After resources are revameped, and parhaps the costs of vehicles spaced out a bit, this could be a cheap and avaliable alternative to tanks or sunderers. They could then take Sunderer spawning away from small outposts and put these and buggies in instead. As for cost it owuld be somewhere between a buggy and a lightning.
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