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Re: [TR-Ceres EU] - RED MIST

I want to make some adjustments on recruiting. We don't do AOE recruit. We need people that actually play the game willingly on doing teamplay, organized, obeying/giving orders and joining teamspeak.

There are a lot of things to understand in this game and playing and playing well are two different things.

We are now 141 members, but we are constantly reviewing the list.

We don't need SOLO players, we do need team players.

Thank you for your attention, see you ingame!

P.s. ingame contact PianoTie, Exitsign, Kerrea or Kaesarr for information on recruting.

We do always a short interview on teamspeak before recruiting. Is not a "job interview" is simply a system to know if we have common views on things.
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