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Re: On Combined Arms: A Treatise on Theory and Implementation

For now i only skimmed it but i thought ill writee down a few first impressions.

On the high altitude laser guided bombs. This sounds good and along with the (slooooooooowly) upcoming Galaxy revemp could make a good reason to increase the flight celing. The laser designator however sohuld be something that either requires time to deploy and use, expensive to uso and/or easy to counter. Otherwise we will get another wave of "Air keeps bombing me and i cant do anythign about it!" rants.

I definatly agree on buffing tanks. HE cannons feel almost redundant now. While the other Cannons are baryl better (in some aspects arguably worse) than the secondary weapons. I think that is also part of the reason Harassers are so ridicoulus.

Armor and primary cannon damage should be beffed up for all the MBTs. ESPECIALY if we should venture back to the dediacted driver conept. Heck, the Python cannons for the Lightning could us a slight buff.

On a isdenote the HE cannon for the Vanguard should either be able to 1 hit kill on a near impact or have its blast radious increased becouse as it stands it has no benefit to counterbalacne its slowere fireing rate compared to others.

One thing that could also improve how tanks fare against infantry (particularly if the dedicated driver returns) are coaxial weapons ofr the main gunner. A few models are actualy in the game files since beta (though they would have to be moved a bit to not interfere with the secondary gun)

A Kobalt, Basilisk, Fury and a specialised empire specific anti infantry weapon (the small railgun in the video would make a for a nice slow fireing tank mounted heavy sniper rifle for instance) would be sufficient to give the MBT an edge. Though i think making them wreck infantry regardless of cover is a little bit overboard. The Buff should force infantry to think and coordinate a bit more (No more entire tank column rining for cover becouse of one guy with a AV mana turret) but it sohuldnt make thme run and panic bcouse of one tank.

With tanks as versatile expensive 3 seaters with heavy firepower and armor we could use a new specialised single person vehicle. The Tank Destroyers form another thread on the first page woudl be a perfect platform. Apart from beign a single seat, less versatiel counter to tanks they could also be what deals with infantry in cover. Simply replace the heavy anti tank weapons with artillery turrets. They dont ncessarely have to have particularly long range (which would cause issues with how the rendering system works and with peopel complaining about somethign spaming them from too far away for them to do something aobut it). Instead they would simply focus on fireing HE munitions over very steep angles to fall behind cover.

As for Air vunerability. I have mixed feelings aobut it. Malance seems to be decent on that right now. Id only make lak do signinficantly more damage up close but mid to long range seems to be fine. MAAAYBE a specialised weapon to "snipe" Liberators and Galaxies like the Skylance that is curently used as a prop inside tech plants but apart from that air balance actualy seems decent.
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