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Re: On Combined Arms: A Treatise on Theory and Implementation

At the risk of plugging another game, I've been recommending Wargame: Airland Battle to anyone discussing combined arms. The way they handle combined arms there is almost a perfect fit as to how I'd implement the combined arms structure in Planetside 2. Asymmetrical balance (between 11 odd factions) and a real simple UI make it a fantastic case study...besides, it's one of the most underrated games of the last year or so. Deep enough to satisfy milgeeks, simple enough that your average player can kick butt once you complete the tutorials.

I have a few problems with the OP's document, mainly with his understanding of armor/infantry balance or gameplay concepts. (Tanks do not wreck everything. Vehicles do not wreck everything. They have a defined role which they excel at, and a properly played unit will defeat its counter if the counter is misused.) I like that he's looking for a solution, but I disagree with the implementation.
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