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Making Air Power more practical in PS

Well I was talking to Lartnev in IRC and this whole idea was formed in my mind in a few minutes. I dub it one of the best ideas I have ever come up with.

Ok so .... one new vehicle will be added and one new base type.

The vehicle would be the Inteceptor class aircraft. It does not have the ability to hover and flys at around 150 - 175 kts with no AB. It carries 2 - 4 Air to Air Missles. These missles have difficulty hitting a fast moving or turning target (I.E. A mossy or a reaver that is on the move and evading). They are designed to take down Liberators, galaxies, and lodestars. It also is armed with a 25mm cannon like the liberators tail gun that is mounted center line. They have to be spawned at an Air Control Center and can only be rearmed and repaired there since they can only land there.

The base is obviously an Air Control Center. It is biult into the side of a hill and is mostly underground. It has a few scattered flack style turrets and a tower like structure over the main door with 4 Phalnax turrets. The hangar is underground and is opened out into the side of the hill (think of the rebel base from starwars) and the tower is the only visible part of the base from above. To get inside the base you have to first take the tower CC which opens the door into the base. Now its a normal attack. The inside of the base should be relativly easy to take... not many internal defensive measures. Its all about the tower upstairs. The base has 2 Air Terminals for spawning reavers mossys or libs (you need no techplant for these) and 2 Air Launch Pads for Intys.

To land an inty you simply fly it into the hangar and hit g. You can now rearm and repair... you can also do the new addition of refueling your aircraft here. This is the big change to the way aircraft would work in PS. If you have ever opened the trunk of your aircraft you know there is alot of dead space between the edge of the trunk and the ammo. In that dead space goes fuel cells. Every type of aircraft use fuel cells at a diffrent rate. If you run out of gas you crash... plane and simple. There are two ways to get more gas... return to the air control center and refuel at the rearm/ repair pads there (these work without a gal center) or you can go to a linked base from an ACC and refuel there if you have a hover type aircraft. YOU CANNOT REFUEL AT TOWERS. You can carry fuel in your backpack too.

Just some extra info: ACC's are at the edges of a continent, they are normaly a 2nd base that could be caped. There are two per small continent (solsar) and 3 per big one (Cyssor).
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