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Additional voice macros

Higby told me to create a thread about this here, so here I am.

If there are any voice macros you would find useful in PS2, post them here.

I think it's safe to assume that all the PS1 macros have at least been (or will eventually be) considered by the devs.

Edit: I will put the suggestions I found useful here - there can be more in the individual replies, though.

"I need a ride/lift" (I think there's a context-sensitive one like this in Battlefield?),
"Move Up!" or "Charge" or "Go, Go, Go",
"Take Cover!" "Get Down!",
"Take Defensive Positions" or "Secure the Perimeter",
"Behind you!",
"Medic here!",
"Engineer here!",
"Hacker here!" (separate voice recording to describe the hacker's proficiency - Advanced, Expert etc),
"Gunner here!" or "Gunner waiting for vehicle" etc,
"Incoming tank/transport/buggy/Galaxy/etc" for more detail,
"Incoming walker!" (if it isn't copyrighted and if you're planning to introduce some sort of mecha in the future),
Context sensitive directions for "Incoming" macros, if the player is aiming at an enemy - N/S/W/E, or "o'clock", plus "high"/"low",
"On my mark: 3-2-1-GO!" (or any other countdown),
"I don't have a shot" / "No angle" (for vehicle gunners to communicate that they can't make a single shot unless the tank moves),
"Need ammo!" (useful when defending - I'm thinking PS2's equivalent of a gen hold),
"Cloaker in the area!" or "Cloaker detected!" (replace "Cloaker" with "Infiltrator" if required),
"Passengers needed",
"MAX passengers needed",
"Cloak!" (for those cloakers that forget to cloak after respawning),
"Enemy in the base!" or "Enemy in the area!",
"Enemy on the roof!" (general for hotdroppers and jump infantry),
"Enemy at objective" (since there apparently won't be just one CC per installation),
"Resecure the objective!",
*Laughter* (indeed, this was missing in PS1),
"10 Seconds till drop zone",
"Drop drop drop!",
"Give me a minute" (or something else that says "I'm AFK" but doesn't break the immersion - an animation for being AFK would be awesome too,),
"Target left"/"Target right" (for vehicle drivers/gunners - ideally with an option to bind under dedicated keys; F5/F6 wold be a good default, for gunners at least),

Was there an "Incoming infantry" in PS1?

Also, I'm kind of hoping it will be "Incoming MAX!" instead of the more stiff "Incoming MAX unit!".

Not directly relevant, but RedKnights did make a point - another area for microtransaxtion merchandise is customized vehicle horn sounds. Not necessarily melodic :P, but it's something that you can make a few pennies off.

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