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Originally Posted by Raymac View Post
"C'mon you apes, you wanna live forever?"
This wins the prize.

FTWDK, this is from the book "Starship Troopers"

We ALSO need macros that are heard over comms, but not blasting your presence to every enemy within 50 yards, similar to the way cloaker voice macros work.

Further, we need comm macros to have that sexy radio crackle to them, and ones that are said outside the comms for anyone to hear to have properties that are audible that are dependent on the environment, like natural sounds.

Further, make them quicker recognition.

Tank incoming! is more quickly recognized, because the most important word, Tank, is first.
Armor incoming!
Incoming! could relate to incoming fire, enemies, whatever
Air incoming!

Gunner here!
Gunner for tank here!
Gunner for.... here!

Resecure! (do we really need to say "resecure control console"?

AA needed!
AV needed!
CE needed!

Repair turrets
Repair doors (if)
Repair terminals
Repair Vterm

Need rez! (this one can sound ghostly, faint, and only audible to those nearby or on that comm channel)
Need armor repair!
Need mechanic!

Need (weapon type) ammo!

Cloak! (to let cloakers know they are uncloaked)

Full up!
Passengers needed
Max passengers needed
Need bomber

Max crash forming!
Maxes go!
Beware OS!
Enemy in base!
Enemy at CC!

Having a pertinent event no longer applicable, such as if the command console was already resecured, then "resecure" command would not happen.

However, we can't have the "tank incoming" command not work if there are no tanks incoming, because that would be an exploit to find if any tanks were incoming! If you key the voice macro, and no one hears it, then no tanks around. Not a good idea.

Enemy in trees!
Enemy in basement!
Enemy in command chat! (just kidding)

Close that door!
Good work!
Well done!

Repel boarders!
Boarders incoming!

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