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Re: Can SOE confirm a cinematic for Planetside 2?

Oh look, another generic half naked woman in a combat zone.

Please tell me that what ever trailer PS2 has it won't just be generic poorly armed and armored soldiers shooting randomly off screen. Personalizations on armor, weapons, and vehicles give even minor background characters some flavor.

The only opening that has made me anxious for a game was the original Dawn of War's cinematic the cost of which was about the same as adding another whole race to the game.
I'd rather see more time taken with the game than an awesome intro. Just run around invisible in a massive fight during beta if you want to make an awesome trailer. Heck, just get Radant and Miir to come up with something, there's no rule that says you can't have more than one awesome trailer. I suppose you could also let Hamorad run around making comedy to strange german children's show songs too. (If you haven't seen Radant's Sex Over The Phone remedy that fact)
By hook or by crook, we will.
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