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Re: Can SOE confirm a cinematic for Planetside 2?

Originally Posted by NewSith View Post
Now what kind of cinematic can we suggest?
I would do a cinematic that emphasizes the war-torn gameplay, but from a narrative perspective.

Start with a dark screen, with a short (10-15 second) crash-course intro into Auraxis' situation, narrated by what turns out to be a TR infantryman, as he opens his eyes/looks out of a foxhole, loads his cycler, and vaults out of it to defend a base against an onrushing assault. He shoots at some enemy soldiers, then takes cover behind a barricade. Past the barricade stomps a TR MAX, blasting the hell out of some oncoming Vanguards in a fury of awesome, before a Reaver swoops out of the sky and obliterates the MAX, banking to perform evasive manuevers against incoming defensive fire from the base as it speeds to its next target: a bridge battle with Vanu.

There, the Reaver rains fury down upon some Magriders, firing off a final salvo before the lock-on warning spelling his imminent destruction via Scythe causes him to eject, allowing the camera to zoom in on the flight trail of his last barrage of rockets, which land afoul of their target, which we follow into battle against more Vanguards and lightnings, melting a path through their lines...

To face down the original TR engineer, who now sits in a nest of destruction that he's helped build up, along with two squads of his buddies, who lead a counter-charge against the faltering NC lines and the Magrider.

Make it personal, showing off escalating bits of new combat systems and scale as you go, cutting from perspective to perspective to show off all 3 factions, and then bring it back to the original personal story, emphasizing it's about YOU and your friends at the end.
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