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Re: Cockpit View - [Now Forced per Higby]

This isn't really the right thread, but it's sort of related because people don't seem to care about this cockpit, a place where a great deal of time will be spent for many players, but every other fucking post is about vehicle entry/exit animations, which will be seen for, what 0.1% of the game?

I honestly think I'm dreaming sometimes when I realise how many times I've seen "entry/exit animations" in a thread. Especially when I see things like "entry/exit animations would put PS2 head and shoulders above any other game!". No, it definitely wouldn't. I hope to get into a vehicle maybe 2 times per life, and I fully intend to stay alive for as long as possible - call me crazy but I think everyone else is the same.

Is it seriously just me that's seeing this? I literally cannot convey my indifference towards vehicle entry/exit animations in words. Maybe I should draw a picture or something. People seem to think the game will be an utter failure without them. Epic /shrug from me.

I can, however, see why this cockpit needs to be smaller. As someone who will probably be spending a LOT of time in an aircraft, I think I can speak for everyone when I say it's too big. I don't want a full third of my screen taken up by a HUD, and those bars up the side just don't make any sense - this is the future, right?

Maybe I'll wake up any minute now...
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