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Re: Cockpit View - [Now Forced per Higby]

More apples and oranges.

Track IR gives you left-right and more vertical views, and it's really damn cool since you typically don't have enough hands to have that level of movement normally.

Strictly speaking it is advantage since it allows you to look while turning and see things that would otherwise take the entire aircraft in a different direction. However Track IR doesn't allow you to wallhack through the cockpit. You're still limited by the views exposed by the cockpit. You still can't see down. You can turn your head and look up, but in most cases I don't see that as a tactical advantage. Turns seems like the biggest advantage since you could bank and look left/right or fly upside down and look up to get better ground views.

I think people serious about spending a lot of time in that cockpit should have Track IR as an option. I'm tempted to get it just for PS2 becuase it seems like such an awesome experience. Removing the cockpit takes away from the experience, while Track IR adds to it.

So they're both fruit but far different nutritional value and flavor.

It's one thing to look left/right and up on a cockpit as an independent movement axis, it's another to see through the floor and have far less vision obstruction.

An obstructed vision in the cockpit is part of game design. If they wanted it more open they could have done that. They could still trim back some of the obstructions and move the pilot's viewpoint around to improve things. It's that way for a reason and like it or not it's a limitation everyone should deal with. Maybe they feel the same way about Track IR, but not necessarily. The immersion factor and could certainly outweigh the control requirement. Flying might be easier with a joystick too and not everyone has those.
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