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Originally Posted by Oroborus View Post
I feel it would be interesting to have some sort of "War Room" aspect of the game where players can lay down tactics or command battles etc. while receiving points for successful plays. Something like what Nuclear Dawn did but different and more tailored to this sort of large scale warfare, for instance having more than just one person commanding a battle, but instead multiple commanders governing different parts of the continent. Also commanders wouldn't have direct influence on the actual battle, but could only give advise/drop supplies or other neat stuff. This would be cool, because it allows for more wide scale coordination of the battlefield.
The only problem with this concept is that it implies a static location that is, most likely, far away from the conflict. I don't think that lines up with the fast-paced, frantic nature of Planetside 2's core design.

That said, I think that if you took this idea and dropped it into a vehicle, or a small deployable structure that an Engineer could build, you'd be looking at something far more dynamic and in line with the core design.

Some kind of mobile command center or command bunker that gives certain intel and resources to a commander while presenting a juicy target to any alert enemies could add an interesting dynamic to the game. Something that gives a relatively large real-time radar image of the battlefield (fidelity determined by certs) but needs to be set up within 500 meters or so of the action could be interesting.

Whether that turns out to be something the devs and community want in the game or not, the root concept there is something I support. I like the idea of there being an added layer of strategy in the game that involves players "digging in" with deployable structures or strongholds. Something beyond the static and unchanging nature of the buildings already present on the map.

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